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What is a Parallax Website?

Parallax design puts the cool factor back into websites. When the mobile world began, the old Flash websites wouldn't function, so they were scrapped in favor of mobile-friendly sites that would work on any device, but were somewhat boring. Parallax designs puts the WOW factor back in website development, yet retaining the essential mobile-friendliness.

The term 'Parallax' comes from the Greek word for 'Parallaxis'. It is how we see objects move past our line of sight. Nearby object move at a different rate than farther ones.

A parallax website usually contains other cool effects or features, such as text or other objects moving when they come into the area of sight. These effects are all achieved in a manner that makes them cross-browser and cross-platform friendly, meaning they will work on any new browser or mobile device.

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Web Marketing 101

When a website is developed, it is extremely important to use words and phrases that will likely be searched for. Combined with search engine optimizing, this is a sure-fire way to come up when someone searches for your product or service. We build this into every website we create.

We use proper tags and coding to ensure your important words and phrases are found both in the visible text, and hidden in other areas on the pages we create.

A Wordpress SEO plug-in cannot do what a hand-authored, properly worded website can. This is not an add-on or after-thought, it is carefully worked into the code throughout the entire development process.
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Many people list their products and services on their website with all the facts and figures. For years, marketers have known that this does not sell. People have to be moved, made to feel something, in order to make that purchase decision. At RocketZoom, we're all about finding the right wording that will entice YOUR potential customers to buy.

For example, instead of a lawyer selling wills, we would re-write their copy so that it is obvious they are actually selling peace of mind. People buy a will, but the desire to have one comes from wanting peace of mind. The same thinking may be applied to any product or service, and it truly motivates people to purchase.

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A responsive website simply responds to various width screen sizes. It will look as clean and well-designed on a phone as it will on a large monitor, plus every size in between. Gone are the days of having a static mobile version and another static desktop version of your website. One responsive website is a better choice, as the search engines will find you more often.

We have extensive experience here, as we began building responsive code way back when computers started to come with DVD players, and people were buying wide monitors. Our earlier websites could stretch out to fit the whole screen. In today's world, we have to make them stretch out, and become narrow enough for phone users. This is what we do.

We have the perfect MIX

There are web designers, who are mostly visual, and web developers who are very technical. We have both aspects in balance, enabling us to create visually appealing and fast-loading, responsive, parallax websites.

web design
We have the eyes and graphic design know-how to create cool-looking websites, and the skills to put it all together.
We are also photographers and well versed in Photoshop and other software that can cause your website to stand above the rest.
web development
Rather than using Wordpress, or other page-creation software, we hand-author the code, ensuring a fast-loading, efficient website.
We build
There are some parallax websites that only work on a desktop. Every website we build passes Google's 'Mobile-Friendly' test with flying colors. Our designs will scroll down and respond to any screen width, while maintaining all of the cool parallax features.

Our Process

There is a system we use which makes the development of a new parallax website fast and painless to implement.

We listen!

Because we are developing YOUR website, we want to ensure it will be everything you envisioned, and more. We can only make this happen by constantly listening.

We share!

As we build your new website, we keep you in the loop by sharing progress, giving you plenty of opportunities to steer us on course should we drift off.

We code!

Your website is built from the ground up with proper html and other code. We never generate code with Wordpress or similar software. You get a faster website!

We deliver!

We work within budgets and within time frames. We deliver when we say we will, and at the prices we quote. We can even host your new website too!